Newest Twist As Details Emerge That Two Different Guns Were Used On John Ogweno And Caroline Kangongo



The cause of Caroline Kangogo’s death still remains a national concern with Kenyans Left With several questions on what transpired before the lady cop took her last breath.
With theories after theories coming in,
The police have so far concluded that Kangogo Killed herself.

Yesterday her father came out to set the facts straight, said that she indeed killed herself since she had locked herself in from the inside the bathroom.

However,Many kenyans do not believe the narrative as they had seen the snippet at Caroline Kangogo alleged murder scene.

New reports have now emerged on the two Ceska guns that were used in the deaths of John Ongweno and Caroline Kangogo.

According to a report by the Daily Nation newspaper, a Ceska of serial number S/No 94676 with 13 rounds of 9Mm ammunition disappeared the day Kangogo was accused of killing him. The police suspected that Caroline used the same gun to kill Ndwiga in Kimbo and also Caroline herself.

However, it has now been established that the gun was not the one found at Kangogo’s Murder scene instead they found another Ceska gun with serial number S/No G4670.

Where did the first gun go? And where did she get the second gun that she allegedly used to kill herself? These are some of the big questions that have been left unanswered


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