Angry Netizens Gang Up Against Rev. Lucy Natasha After She Took A COVID-19 Vaccine And She Was Found With A Tattoo

Lucy Natasha

The popular city pastor Reverent Lucy Natasha is a celebrated woman of God and she is known widely for her prophetic messages and prayers in winning more hearts on the way of salvation. Rev.

Natasha has conducted various national and international Christian conventions in partnership with many preachers across the world and this has helped her attract a huge following on her social media platforms.

Her photos have been doing rounds on social media and some section of Kenyans have been trolling her on various circumstances but her boldness has helped her to continue preaching the gospel.

Reverend Lucy Natasha has taken the internet by storm with her latest post after taking the Covid-19 vaccine. Together with her pastoral team, Natasha says that she took the Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine at RFH Health Care in adherence to government and medical recommendations for clergy and frontline workers as they combine efforts in overcoming the pandemic.

The photos of Natasha taking the AstraZeneca vaccine surfaced online sparking reactions from Kenyans. In the process of taking the vaccine, Kenyans noted the tattoo mark on Rev. Natasha’s hand there was a tattoo written Oracle and raised more concerns.

Some Kenyans ended up quoting the Bible from the book of Leviticus 19:28 which forbids one against having a tattoo or any marks on the body. Netizens highlighted that it is an abomination for a pastor having a tattoo. On the other hand Kenyans attacked Rev. Natasha for taking the Covid-19 vaccine saying that instead she should believe in prayers.

A section of angry Kenyans reacted saying that we are living in the end times hence taking the vaccine is a sign of accepting the mark of the beast since rapture is yet to take place.

By Kelvin Kwemoi.


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