Was she really fair? Today am in a groovy mode. The “Maina, let me tell you mode.” A little gossip is good for the soul at times you know. It’s a rare side of me. What is it with pretty girls and attitudes anyway? They complement each other like bread and butter. Talk of politicians and lies, fork and knife, arsenal and disappointments.

Like any other visionary, I found myself a rib. The real deal. The kind that oozes intelligence and whose smile has the healing power of mwarubaini. The kind whose beauty is used as reference. Her teeth are brighter than the future of many. Her baby face is so addictive. All I do is gaze at her amazing eyes. The body a great piece of art. You don’t need to be an artist to have a sketch of the dazzling damsel already. Had my singing career materialized, I would be singing to and about her night and day. Look at yourself already, you jealous being. You are making silly faces already.

Paradise also brews trouble. This was one of those days that a dark cloud had paid a visit. My significant other goes to work and then this selfish prick annoys her. (I will give you what transpired some day). If I got hold of the culprit then definitely, he/she would regret. Not even for making her angry but for the trouble they caused me.

We met after work and the first glance at her told me she was volatile. A land mine about to explode. Men, this is where we approach the subject with fingers crossed, innocent eyes, calculated steps and humming their favorite songs. It becomes tricky when you’re away for some business. Yes, I said we met and I Looked at her. Who told you I did it literally?


I call and try making a meaningful conversation but my jokes are so dry. My usual charm is gone. Out of nowhere my ancestors remind me am a baite. We are used to things going our way and we never dilly-dally. Small talk is also not our strongest suit. I do quick maths and conclude that my girl is being inconsiderate. Why would she be mad at me for somebody else’s transgressions? Heavens know she can be nagging at times.

My median pride dictates that I should hang up. Who am I to disobey? Does the feeling of self-doubt sound familiar? That tense moment where you realize you’ve done something really stupid. That little inner voice really pushes me to make amends. It always agitates me. Rarely is it wrong. I vow not to be soft on this. Am right that she has no right to pass me the negative energy she picked up from wherever. Am mad. ‘Kama unajinauwo unajinauwo, alaa!’ I don’t know the meaning of the phrase but it sure sounds like chest thumping to me.

Men am sorry I violated number 1001 of our code of conduct.  Had you also been in my situation and had to deal with such a beautiful soul you wouldn’t remember the stupid codes. The little voice won. I decided to script some words and send them to her. You surely didn’t expect me to call her, did you? Am being a gentleman here already.

Hey babe, I’ll call you again in a few but please don’t be stubborn at least for once my love. I have really been waiting for a damn long time to talk to you today. Try and drop whatever it is that’s ailing you (since you don’t wanna tell me).

Don’t push me away from whatever it is that’s disturbing you. Don’t deny it because I know you really well. I can tell from the way you’re talking. You’ve actually raised your voice at me for the first time ever. That has really puzzled me baby girl.

You know what? I love you so much and no matter what you do I’ll never give up on you because in all my plans and successes for the future you are the other part of it. I always think about us every day. So, before you think of scaring me off just know its futile.

And don’t always let other people dictate whether you’ll be happy or not. Can I tell you a secret? You are the only person who can make or break my day. So please know that when you sulk you automatically make me sulk and when you’re happy am happy too. Signed.


It’s not only you who’s admiring my instant brilliance, I bet Zuckerberg and two others did too. Those words worked like a charm. I called again after letting the message sink and Oh my! The girl who’s made a proper Meru man drop his pride had never been happier. I mean, not even traffic cops dare flag our vehicles. We talked for hours with countless infectious laughs in between. The udaku was sizzling hot. I bet your name was mentioned somewhere too. I can’t wait to see her after my business is done. Only the heavens and I know what’s at stake and the project that needs to be worked on.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt.

By Kingsley
Email: mutethiakingsley@gmail.com



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