Netizens React To News That Vera Sidika Is A Second Wife, ‘Atafute Bwana Yake Kwanza’


Socialite Vera has today woken up to news that she is (Nyumba Ndogo) the second wife to the recording artist Brown Mauzo this seen as posted on his daughter’s Instagram page.

Vera Sidika, has praised her husband Brown Mauzo on multiple occasions, from being a good husband, as well as a good father to his kids, from a past relationships.
The two have been Serving us with couple goals on social media.

However according to the Instagram stories, the marriage between Brown Mauzo and his first wife who is Lareesa’s mother is yet to be officially annulled. Hence, the two are still legally married

The news which is currently making headlines was posted by Mauzo’s first wife through their daughter’s Instagram page sparking quite the reaction on Edgar Obare Instagram stories Kenyans calling her out for dating a married ma others wondering who the other wife is.


Netizens have flocked on Edgar Obare’s insta stories, and here are some of their reactions



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