Martha Karua Clears The Air, Finally Reveals Which Political Side She’s In

Martha Karua

The National Rainbow Coalition NARC Kenya party leader Hon Martha Karua has cleared the air on which political side she siding with.

Speaking on Tuesday morning on Citizen TV, with Wahiga Mwaura, Martha Karua explained that she is currently not taking side and her party has not been actively participating in politics.

According to Martha Karua she is currently focused on rescuing the 2010 constitution through the Linda Katiba initiative.

She said as of now her NARC Kenya party does not side with any political divide in the country promising to make the decision after the Building Bridges Initiative BBI politics.

With the fight against the BBI, it was assumed that she was joining the TangaTanga Brigade since they had similar agendas.

During the interview Karua further took a swipe at BBI proponents to register their dissatisfaction with the High Court rulling against BBI with uttermost respect and not unnecessary threats and attacks.

By Teenie


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