David Murathe Defends The IMF Loan, See What He Said


International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced on Friday that it had approved a Sh255 billion loan for Kenya which has angered most Kenyans.

Majority of Kenyans wondered why the IMF approved the loan request at a time the country is already burdened with debt.

This has made Kenyans to flock the IMF website asking them to stop giving us loans.

One twitter user, Benji Ndolo, confirmed this angry reaction by Kenyans towards IMF;

“Kenyans are on the IMF website @WorldBank writing comments asking them not to loan our country money. The leadership has caused our self respect as a nation to dwindle in front of the whole world, Uhuru can do better ..so much better,” Ndolo wrote.

This ranting has resulted into an online lobbying asking those agencies such as IMF to halt the process of gving out loans to Kenya, #stoploaningkenya

Jubilee’s Chairman David Murathe has come out to defend the loan asking Kenyans not to politicize everything as most of developing countries depend on loans.

He tweeted,  let’s look at the Bigger picture that IMF intents to make Kenya be. We need to appreciate the fact that every developing country depends on Loans. Let’s not criticize and politicize everything.

This statement didn’t sit well with netizens as some ranted on the comment box as to how much it is a burden to them.

@_ammohamed said,

It’s alarming since the money being taken doesn’t go to the intended purposes? What do you expect when the president say 2billion is being stolen each day? Bure kabisa

@Mwenda Kev

One of the things the money being borrowed is doing is keeping the Shilling afloat. GoK will have to borrowing until the world finds a way of living with COVID-19 and resumes normal economic activities. If they stop lending us before then, the Shilling will go on a free fall.

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