Anachoma! Miguna Miguna Blasts Sonko AFter Sharing Video

Miguna Miguna

Barely a day ago, embattled former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko shared a video of himself working.

The video which he shared on his Twitter account with the caption, “life after politics ni stress free” #kazi ni kazi, actually shows Sonko working tirelessly with a spade on sand and a wheelbarrow.

It’s then that General Doctor Miguna Miguna wondered why Sonko is working and yet he had stated that he had earlier claimed he had back ache problems and needed surgery in South Africa.

“Mbuvi @MikeSonko claimed in court recently that he had such a severe back problem it needed to be repaired in South Africa. Did it get cured miraculously?”

On March 2, Sonko missed a court date hearing and the court had to order him to appear on date 4 where his fraud case was to be mentioned.

The court was told that there is an order barring the police from interrogating and even taking Sonko from the hospital.

According to the Deputy OCS Ezekiel Lulei, the order was issued by the Anti – terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) court in Kamiti.

In the ruling, the trial magistrate noted that the order has not mentioned that he is unable to appear in court or he is unfit to stand trial.

Further, the court was told that Sonko is due for a hip operation in South Africa.

When Sonko was taken to hospital the first, his lawyers led by John Khaminwa told a court the former Nairobi governor had developed stomach complications

It is then that it was mentioned that a doctor who has been attending to him recommended an urgent hip replacement to be done at a facility in South Africa

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