Meet Queen Nikita, A 21 Year Old Actress And Business Lady


You probably have seen her on the program Pete in Maisha Magic East. She’s young, beautiful, ambitious and very intelligent; Meet the Face and Brains behind Queen Nikita’s Collection and Queen Nikita’s Human Hair;

Here’s what she had to say in an interview with JiL Africa,

Queen Nikita – Actress & Business Lady


  • What’s your Name, and whats your occupation?

My name is Nikita Nyakio. I’m currently an entrepreneur. I run my own business and I am also a part time actress in a programme called Pete aired on Maisha Magic East.

I am 22 years Old. The name of my business is Queen Nikita’s collection and Queen Nikitas human hair. I am the founder of both entities.



  • What’s your business’ location?
    My business is located in Mtwapa kilifi county opposite lambada restaurant at seawaves plaza shop 1B-05.
  • What Motivated you to start your current business and not venture in anything else?

I was inspired by a friend back when I was just 19 to start a business and I would personally go to the market (Gikomba) buy items and resell them. It was challenging at first but through that I was able to gain enough confidence in terms of approaching people and customer service.

I must say Queen Nikita’s Collection started from the ground, I didn’t even have a physical shop back then. I would sell my items online, delivering them for free at Nairobi CBD. It was tiresome but I didn’t give up, I am where I am because of that.

I like fashion and that’s what motivated me to open my own cloth store because I understand the industry well.

  • Along the value chain,What are some of the key challenges your business is facing?

The challenges I am facing right now as an entrepreneur is the current economic state in our country. Ever since the pandemic hit the country, business has gone down. With sales down, it’s hard balancing your financial books and there’s a very thin line in the profit margin because you still have to pay rent, pay bills and workers.

Another challenge I’m facing is most of the people you call friends really don’t support you. Most of my customers are strangers.

  • What’s your expansion strategy? As in do you plan on going big?I am looking forward to expanding my business in the near future. I dream of my brand in other counties, Inshallah!. We are currently 4 months old so in the next 1 or 2 years from now I shall diversify it.
  • Did you start your business with a business plan? How has it affected your business?

Yes I did start my business with a business plan. It’s important for you to have one for it to guide you through. The budget and items I wanted to sell, were all listed in it.

The only challenge I experienced through it was the budget I had initially quoted surpassed its original price. And fluctuation of the market too from what i had initially expected.

  • How do you finance your business and which advice would you give to those who wishes to start a business?

I finance it through savings and I would advise any entrepreneur to start any venture they have in mind with whatever capital they have.

Don’t listen to failures as they will always discourage you from reaching your goals.19 year old me had her goal that one day i shall open my shop and it finally went through. Another one is don’t count on your friends, they are just let downs and might drag you behind.

The goal is to never give up keep on trying and remember that for you to be an entrepreneur you have to be ready to take the risks.

  • Do you have a website and social media handles that consumers and other interested parties can reach you on? Kindly share sample pics of your businessQueen Queen Queen





I currently don’t have a website at the moment but you can reach us through

Instagram at @queen_nikitas_collection and @queen_nikitas_humanahair
Facebook @queen nikitas collection and @queen nikitas humanhair
Whatsapp catalog on 0729865778




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