Man Killed By VIP Convoy Near Sagana Lodge Laid To Rest


A disabled man in Nyeri County was killed by a VIp convoy near Sagana, on January 30th. Politicians troped to Sagana State lodge for a meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta on the Building Bridges Initiative push.

Police spokesman Charles Owino on Thursday said he is unaware of who the government-registered high-end vehicles were released to on the day of the accident that killed the 45-year-old man leaving his kin distraught.


The disabled; 45-year-old Chris Ndiritu, left his home on Saturday morning to accompany one of his relatives to the local shopping centre, but a few paces from their home, at a road bump, tragedy struck.
The victim was on a wheelchair, a fact he believed was enough to keep the drivers on their lane.

“Gari tatu ilimgonga…magari kubwa..hiyo ma V8…lakini hakukufia hapo, alikufa akipelekwa General,” said Jecinta Wanjira, an aunt to the deceased.

Chris was today laid to rest. Several politicians attended the funeral. The youth wanted Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua, Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura and nominated MP David Ole Sankok who had attended the funeral to get a chance to speak before the body was laid to rest as the priest had requested.

When they got the chance, the leaders condemned those involved in the accident that killed Nderitu and called on those responsible to compensate the family, threatening to stage demonstrations to compel the State to take action.

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