Having big and strong arms is so beneficial in day today life because most of the work we do requires us to use our arms. More so with sizeable arms, clothes seem to fit well and makes you look good in them. Nowadays, gentlemen have realized the importance of having sizeable arms both for fashion and also for strength.

We have three major arms muscles i.e The Triceps, Biceps and the forearms. The upper part of the arm is the most stressing part to grow and is made up of the triceps and biceps. While the forearms are also worked out while performing those exercises. Today we’re going to dwell much on the upper part.

It’s also important to note that triceps makes the largest part of the upper part of the arm. I would encourage someone who want to have good looking and big arms to invest more on the triceps also because that’s what seen most of the time as they are flexed when the arm is straight and that’s why it is the part people see mostly even when walking.

Having said this, now let’s look at some of the exercises you can use to build big arms;


> Close Grip Bench Press: This is a good workout for triceps. It is performed just like the normal bench Press only that now you hold your bar closer than the Shoulder width. Note that bringing your arms too close can hurt your wrist.

big arm

> Diamond Push Ups: to perform this exercise, you need to go to push up position, then bring your arms close and form a diamond shape or triangle shape at the bottom.


> Overhead extensions: It can be performed using barbell or dumbbells. To perform this exercise, you need to hold the weight overhead as if you’re doing military Press then bring the weight down towards the back of your head by moving the elbow joint alone and extend back up and then repeat for reps.


> Skull Crushers: To perform this exercise, you should position yourself on a bench as if you’re performing bench press. Then hold the Barbell up above your chest and bring it down towards your head by bending your elbows and then flex back up and repeat for reps


> Rope Pull-Down; The exercise can perform using a pulley machine.


> Barbell Curls; Hold a barbell using supinated grip and stand straight, then bring the Barbell up towards your Chin by moving your elbows alone and then bring it back to the initial position and repeat for reps.


> Dumbbell Curls: It is performed just like barbell Curls only that now you’re using dumbbells. Note that you can choose to do them one arm at go or do both at the same time.


> Hammer Curls: They can be performed using barbells or dumbbells. When using dumbbells, they are performed just like normal dumbbell curls only that now you your fist will be vertical.


It is also important to note that, biceps are also worked out when performing back Workouts while triceps are activated when performing chest workouts.

By Earnest Tsen


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