How Nameless Surprised Wahu On Her Birthday


You all know who these music artists, Nameless and Wahu are. These are truly one of the long existing celebrity couple in Kenya and they have been together for over two long decades now dating and being engaged in deep relationship matters.

They are the ones that can be asked by many to produce a tutorial of life and dating issues and they can tell all about the many deep valleys and huge mountains that one will encounter in his or her relationship.


Anyway, these two people are still very strong in marriage and they are often seen making lit memories on their social media pages and in several interview sessions on TV and radio stations.

So, today on the date Tuesday, 23nd of March, Wahu Kagwe has been turning 41 years old. She could not keep calm for this happy matter. She has flaunted most of her own favorite photos and many were there just to wish her a blast as she gets into another year of her life.


Her husband Nameless was also not left behind at all. He took his time and posted his wife showing that he loves her so much and he has been loving her for the past few years they have been together with her.

The surprise was what came in handy. Nameless then decided to be the chef in Wahu’ s kitchen. He decided to make her some delicious fried rice, chicken and some avocado just the way Wahu liked it.

This was one of her very best moments, remember food always comes first in the list of gifts and surprises that one gets from friends and family members. They went forward and posted the video on Nameless’ social media platforms.


What do you really love from this power couple? Comment below about what you think.

By Oscar Osoi


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