7 Reasons Why Uhuru’s Regime Is Shaky According To Kabando Wa Kabando

Kabando Wa Kabando

Popular and powerful Murang’a county politician Kabando wa Kabando who was also an assistant minister in president Mwai Kibaki’s adminstration besides serving as Mukurwei-ni member of parliament has come out to list down 8 reasons why be believes Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime is shaky.

He (Kabando) has been a constant menace for the Jubilee adminstration over the last few months as he continues to dissect various political happenings in the country, ranging from the economy to the political space.

Kabando says that there is rising levels of intolerance in the country, crackdown on popular dissent by the government, capture of public governance Institutions and the siege or parliament.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government has often been accused by critics of deliberately killing off the parliament and even using Institutions like the directorate of criminal investigations (DCI) and directorate of public prosecution (DPP) to silence critics.

He continues to Indicate that there is weaponization of the war against corruption in the country, looting of public resources from kenyans and arrogance by State officers and public servants at large.

“The rising intolerance to divergent opinions, crackdown on popular dissent, capture of public governance institutions, siege on parliament, weaponization of war on graft, looting of funds meant for the sick & vulnerable, arrogance of wielders of power…signals to a shaky regime!,’ he said.

The government has come in under sharp criticism over the last few years as experts poke holes into the government’s economic programs like the standard gauge railway among others.

However, as Kabando put it, misappropriation of public resources has stood out with the COVID-19 pandemic exposing the underbelly of the government procurement regulations. This is after kenyans reportedly lost billions in the now infamous Kenya medical supplies authority (KEMSA), a government Institutions which attracted the attention of kenyans for all the wrong reasons following dubious transactions made at the height of the first wave of COVID-19.

The Murang’a Politician was responding to a social media message by City lawyer Ahmedasir Abdulilahi who had argued – albeit and seemingly sarcastically- that president Uhuru is a staunch constitutionalist.

Earlier during the day, digital strategist Dennis Itumbi who previously worked at State house claimed – albeit with no evidence- that there was a scheme by some state operatives to extend the term of president Uhuru Kenyatta to around 2026. He alleged that the operatives were tasked by the deep state to test political temperatures on how the plan may be received by kenyans.

The head of state is constitutionally required to exit office next year and he has less than two years left for him even as various political players led by deputy president William Ruto and Orange democratic movement party leader Raila Odinga silently make moves to clinch the position. Odinga is yet to express interest.

Other politicians that have expressed interest in going for the top seat include Amani national coalition (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi, Kalonzo Musyoka of Wiper Party, Gideon Moi of KANU among others.

As for Kabando, his recent declarations have led some to associate him with deputy president William Ruto’s camp as he has been on record defending the bottom to up economics associated with Ruto.

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