Justin Bieber Reveals Today He doesn’t Own A Cellphone

Justin Bieber

Singer Justin Bieber has revealed today in an interview why he doesn’ t have own a cellphone anymore. He says setting boundaries has made a very big impact in his life.
Justin Bieber reveals the reason he doesn’ t use a cellphone anymore.

In an interview with Billboard News, the 27- year- old top singer revealed the reason why he doesn’ t use a mobile phone anymore, as he now uses only his own iPad to communicate to his whole team and also post updates about his entrie work on social media platforms.

Justin Bieber

He also spoke about his tough work- life balance where past 6 pm he devotes time for his beautiful wife and family and wakes up early at 8 am every morning. The singer said that he has reflected on his past horrible mistakes and changed his entire outlook on life, as he gained early life maturity.

The singer is about to drop his seventh studio album dubbed Justice, due to release on the date, March 19. He said it was the very first time in his life he enjoyed the process of making a music album.

The new album comes after Justin Bieber dropped his last album Changes, which became a great success but its tracks failed to reach the top of the Billboard Top 100. The album also earned a Grammy nomination for the Best Pop Vocal Album. The ongoing tour for Changes was also earlier on cancelled owing to the new wave coronavirus.

Later in the same interview, he also reflected on the end of his lengthy Purpose tour, when he cancelled only 14 stadium shows for what his team considered as a clear mental health crisis.

Justin Bieber

Justin then began attending regular medical therapy and focused on his own faith. He adds that his purpose is to use music to ” inspire many people” He also credited his own wife Hailey Baldwin for providing him great support, calling her a structured, routine and a very responsible woman. In his YouTube documentary series called New Chapter, he revealed he was feeling suicidal at one point of his life. But he is now feeling better.

By Oscar Isoi


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