Effective communication is imperative for the effective functioning of the interprofessional team and safe patient care delivery. The sharing of timely information allows for seamless functioning and operation of the interdisciplinary teams in delivering quality care.

Information technology plays a pivotal role in promoting effective communication and the functioning of these teams. One of the information technology applications that promote interdisciplinary teams’ roles is the electronic health record (EHR) system.


The EHR system collects, stores and allows for the sharing of electronic patient information among professionals in the healthcare system. Through seamless transmission of information, the members of interdisciplinary teams will effectively coordinate to provide high quality health care to patients.

For instance, the EHR system will allow physicians, nurses, clinicians and other healthcare professionals to access patients’ health information and make informed care decisions.

Information technology through social media also promotes collaboration among the members of the interdisciplinary teams in healthcare. Through these technologies, healthcare professionals can send and receive emails with their colleagues in the field.

The advantage of using email communication among the members of the interprofessional teams is that communication is timely. This means that healthcare professionals can make informed care decisions.

Overall, information technology applications allow members of the health profession from different specialties to share crucial patient care information. The timely sharing of information promotes collaboration and coordination of activities among the healthcare teams. This means that the units can function effectively to achieve the best health outcomes.

By Shadrack Wandera


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