How To Apply For Certificate Of Good Conduct On E-Citizen


With the current improvements in technology, such certificates(Good Conduct) are applied via the internet through E-Citizen account. Anyway, you may be surprised logging into your E-Citizen account but unable to see the column for Good Conduct application.

It is therefore good to note that Good Conduct certificate is also known as Police Clearance Certificate. From this point we are good to continue with the steps on how to apply for it.

  1. Log in/create your E-Citizen account through E-Citizen Login
  2. From the dashboard, click on “Get service” button on the Directorate of Criminal Investigations tab

Good Conduct 1

2. You will be required to enter your log in details which you previously used to log in.

Good Conduct

3. You will your application which you should click on it to proceed to the next step.

Good Conduct

4. Choose the ownership from the drop down arrow of the certificate you are applying for in regards to either it is yours or a child below 18 years of age.

5. Click on the next tab and proceed to choosing the fingerprint area and location then click on complete.

Good Conduct

6. Choose your mode of payment from the given option and pay the required amount; Ksh.1,050

Good Conduct

7. Once paid for, you will be required to book for an appointment i.e location, date and time where the fingerprint process will take place

Good Conduct

Good Conduct

8. Lastly, download the C24 FINGER & PALM PRINT together with PAYMENTS RECEIT FORM which you’ll take to the location you picked together with a photocopy of your ID.

Thanks for reading
By Edwin Simiyu



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