Jalang’o Opens Up As To Why He Has Never Hosted Blogger Edgar Obare On Bonga Na Jalas


Radio presenter and comedian Felix Odiwuor better known by her fans as Jalang’o has opened up why he has never hosted the famous blogger Edgar Obare.

In an Interview with different online news outlets, the media personality said that he reached out to Edgar but he never replied.

“He never replied, he didn’t talk of anything but I saw it on his channel,” he said.

According to Jalang’o, Edgar was advised by his followers not to attend saying it could be a ‘trap.’ However, he did recognize that Edgar is doing a great job.

Furthermore, he said that Edgar has once brought him down and he really had to do a lot of sacrifices. Adding that, Edgar should ask for the real story before writing anything.

Edgar Obare

Jalang’o and his close male friends once became a trending topic on Twitter after allegations of cheating on their partners with different Nairobi girls surfaced online.

The allegations were engineered by blogger Edgar Obare after he got hold of screenshots from a WhatsApp group that is believed to be that of Jalang’o and his Boys Club. However, reports have it that Jalang’o denied such claims.

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