The lack of structure that friends are based on means there is not always pressure to see friends often to prioritize them like we do with our immediate families.
As a result, maintaining our friendship can be hard and we often find that many people end up floating out of our lives as easily as they come in.

Here are some of the tips that can help maintain a good friendship:

Make time to connect: Most people find it so essential to have someone to talk to. The ratio of those who want to be listened to is approximately 3:1. This means that many people want to express themselves rather that listening to someone else’s expression. It is high time that the vice versa of the ratio needs to be true for good rapport to be created among friends.

Set and respect boundaries: In most friendship zone, the adage that familiarity breeds contempt portrays a lot. In order to curb that association that leads to loss of respect in most friendship, respect and boundaries have to be set by both parties on the friendship zone.

Communicate fully: Communication helps a lot in building connections within people. When people communicate openly and nicely among themselves they tend to build trust for friendship and as a result each party will be open for feedback that will enable them understand the kind of rapport they are creating and how important it is to them.

Get know them personally: At friendship zone, it is neither too early nor too late to know each other well with their personalities. That way there will be great understanding and everyone within the friendship zone will be held accountable for each other.

Give the space: In order for the friendship to grow well, each person has to be given space to do their daily activities without friendship becoming a burden because of any form of accountability. Getting to understand each other well and knowing when to meet and to carry on some activities as friends is the best motive for being friends.

In conclusion, building trust among friends is the key. A friend in need is a friend deed.

By Adah Tanui


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