Otile Brown Throwing Shade At His Ethiopian Girlfriend, Have They Broken Up


Otile Brown has lately been throwing shade and dropping  obvious hints showing that he is bitter; and problem must be with his Ethiopian babe.

Well, he made this obvious with a new post shared a few hours ago where he talked ungratefulness; and from how he put it – believe me, this was directed to a woman. Part of his post read;

Otile went on to throw shade by pointing out how humble the person he is talking about was right after they met; but now,  ‘they’ acting different.

For months we haven’t spotted these two together which leaves me wondering whether they are still together or not, I mean the two have been inseparable right?

However the last time people like me assumed that their relationship had ended; they ended up coming back together as one

Anyway kindly follow us as we’ll bring you the juicy details in case they actually break up


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