Fantastic! Great Business Ideas That You Should Try It Out


The business world is changing at a very high rate and also  the mode of doing business. Without much ado here below are a few ways that can make you a millionaire in less than five years.

Working online, I know you think that this a scam but let me tell you one thing, don’t listen to this people that post nonsense on Facebook about working online but sign up on websites that clients go directly and look for freelancers.

Leave alone freelancing there are also other sites for research only, that  is you sign up and when a research that matches your profile avails  itself ,you are notified by email and when you participate and are paid immediately after the survey.

Buying of shares ,no matter how little you earn you should start saving at a very tender age and there is no other better way to save than shares.  When you buy shares either in a bank you can not withdraw that money like money in your bank account.

The other importance of shares is that you will be entitlement to a dividends each and every year and your shares will always remain there and in case of an emergency you can take a loan all thanks to your shares.


Poultry business, some  of our richest individuals have immersed wealth by engaging in poultry business ,this does not mean you must rear chicken one billionaire said he buys eggs from the rural areas and sells them at the capital city and said he has never satisfied the market.

Pig rearing, my  friend just rear two female pigs in your small plot of land, a pig gives birth thrice a year and a minimum of twelve piglets ,twelve times three is twenty six thousand times three times a year is seventy eight thousand,  now  say times two for two pigs that’s one hundred and fifty thousand.

In conclusion you better know there are many ways to make money and the only problem is we only fear to try and other people are jealous of sharing ideas.

By Kelvin Kwemoi


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