Ringtone And Netizens React To Eric Omondi’s Wife Material Show

eric omondi wife material
Photo Courtesy Of Eric Omondi: IG

Comedian Eric Omondi’s Wife Material Season 2 contestants were involved in a physical fight at a city club during his Birthday party on Wednesday Night.

A video shared by the comedian via his Instagram captures the contestants exchanging blows to an extend of forcing police officers and stewards who were providing security at the club to intervene.

However, the virality of the video in question has elicited wild reactions among Kenyans including the self proclaimed gospel chairman, Ringtone Apoko.

Ringtone has called out Eric Omondi over his ‘Wife Material’ reality show asking him to close it down. Ringtone reacted toward the show accusing the comedian of misusing young girls.

Speaking on his Instagram page, Ringtone told Eric to end the show or something bad will happen to him and that Kenyans are tired of his content.

‘As the chairman if the gospel industry, I would like to tell you Eric, funga hii duka ya hii ujinga unafanya. Hii Utoto unafanya sijui kama uko na sister or even you respect women. We are not going to allow him.

This time I will warn you three times and something bad will happen to you after that if you do not stop this show.”

Netizens including Lord Abraham Mutai tweeted,

“The hubris that is Eric Omondi that we celebrate.

Dear @IG_NPS police officers who were involved in this incident MUST produce the OB for this public disorder.

And if it is stage managed, the police officers must face DISCIPLINARY action for putting lives in danger.”

Hawa magaidi by the end of the show watakua wamepiga Eric Omondi 😂

If the country and well wishers won’t stop Eric omondi, things will get worse and these ladies may kill one another. It’s beyond comedy now.

Why do people give him all that attention, how can he be searching for wives na kila season ni yeye bachelor ama anataka tu watu wajue anafyeka 10 at once? So mtafika naye season gani ndio apate blackout akose traffic so that he can produce some other content away from coitus?

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