Cost Of Living In Kenya Rises Beyond Bars As Partial Lock Down Strikes 7th Day


Kenyans are stuck, they are trapped in between two hard, huge rocks. Rocks of hunger and poverty. Kenyan citizens are struggling to breathe. They are unable to move forward, they can’t get back. Following the presidential address on Friday of the 26th, the measures put in place have claimed more lives than the virus we are trying to contain.

Is there something hidden? Who are these experts that The President has always been mentioning, claiming to have advised him? How is curfew related to the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic?.

Does the disease spread only at night? What was the motive of the curfew? Is there something hidden that we the common mwananchi do not know?.

Before Covid-19 came we were all talking of cancer, day in day out. Now that Covid-19 came did all these other diseases stop killing? Kenyans are now tired.


Hunger is killing more than Covid-19, poverty has dominated, depression is murdering our parents and sons and daughters. Education is now losing meaning, churches being shut, who will pray for us? Where shall we run to? Who will save us!

Mr. President, you are messing up the country, it is dangerous, it won’t end well. God is watching. Mr president your government has been taken loans from the East and the West, you have created unnecessary friendships with the Chinese, they are here messing our economy.

The loan that your government has been taking to help eradicate the disease and contain the spread of the disease has been stolen by your so-called friends, ready for use during the campaign. We are suffering, we are angry, we are hungry.

Kenyans are now in doubt if Covid-19 is real, we have witnessed people die of heart-related disease but now because we are voiceless, we have been forced to admit that they succumbed to Covid-19, burying our kin like dogs and wild animals. God save Kenyans.

Why is it Kenya alone? Why not Tanzania, why is the virus only rampant in Kenya while our neighborhood is free of the disease? We have the answers right with us. We now know who the real disease is, your corrupt officials.

Mr. President’s poverty is finishing Kenyans more than Covid-19, Kenyans are unable to pay rent, they are jobless, they are sick.

Increased fuel prices, increased taxes, then no jobs, number of passengers reduced, Mr president who is this devil advising you? Kenyans can’t talk, they have been rendered powerless.

Kenyans are dying of corruption, hunger, high taxes, increased taxes, high cost of living, and finally joblessness. Kenyans are not dying of Covid-19, they are Covid-19 free, masks are choking, police are maiming. God is watching.

Mathew Makari


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