As we know in cyber security, Cyber is a group of computers communicating with each other through the internet, and security being a mode of securing a particular thing from it can harm it. This then explains that Cyber security is how to keep activities running on the internet, secure and free from hackers, viruses, and malware. The bad guys on the internet are the ones referred to as hackers. These are the guys who gain authorized access the personal data and systems.

Cyber Security


Hacking activity is also involved in the Cybersecurity process of ensuring the system is free from the known type of vulnerabilities. This type of hacking is known as Ethical hacking or White hurt hacking. It is done to exploit vulnerabilities on a system and fix them before black hurt hackers get their hands on it. Since business organizations and many individuals rely so much on the internet, keeping their activities secure will be necessary.

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Reason for Cyber security

With the advance in technology, more and more activities of human life are made technological. This includes massive information and sensitive data about every individual. If some of this data is accessed by a hacker, it can vandalize many things. It is important to secure such data and maintain efficiency in business organization and individual satisfaction. In the ShareYourFiles project, data transfer is involved, and keeping it safe will be critical. Without keeping this project secure, then hackers can reduce it to nothing.


Tools and Techniques

Encryption technique using true crypt

Whenever data transfer is concerned, the best technique of keeping it safe is by encrypting it. Encryption is the conversion of plain text that can be easily understood into a ciphertext. Ciphertext does don’t display the actual context, and thus it can not be understood by hackers after intercepting the communication. Encryption can be done using a variety of tools using a different algorithm. True crypt tool is used in encrypting files, and it will be essential in this project.

IDS/IPS using Snort

This is a technique to detect and prevent an attack from happening, making it a better mode of securing a system. The intrusion detection system is structured to detect any known vulnerability by studying the logs then compare them to the database. If a known exploit is discovered, it alerts the security team. On the other hand, an intrusion prevention system prevents those known exploits from taking effect. A snort tool is used for this technique.

Possible Issues that may Arise

Hackers are coming up with new ways of attacking and using the unknown exploit. This project may encounter data breaches if its security is compromised. A data breach may scare away its clients hence bringing the whole project down. To prevent this, it will be necessary to take strong security measures.

The clients in this system may luck access the service whenever a DDOS attack is made. This is the distributed denial of service attack.

Without securing a system, it becomes as good as nothing. Everyone in Cyberspace is considered a target and is vulnerable to any attack depending on the computer system’s security posture.

By Shadrack Wandera


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