Diamond Responds To Claims That He Copied Otile Brown’s Song



Diamond Platnumuz’s official producer Lizer has raised eyebrows after he said that Otile Brown’s producer is the one who copied his beat of ‘Naanzaje’ by Diamond.

According to the question that Lizer was asked by a fan through Instagram, the fan was trying to know if it’s true that Lizer sampled Otile’s ‘Such Kind Of Love’ beat. “Wanasema et umecopy ngoma ya Otile Brown ni kweli?” Asked a fan!

This question never made Lizer comfortable at all where by he jumped on it and made a reaction. “Nadhani wao ndo walionicopy mimi!” Lizer’s response. ‘ s

Now this response of Lizer saying that Otile’s producer is the one who copied his beat has gone viral online where by, it’s sparking mixed reactions from Kenyans currently.

Many are out to troll Lizer concerning his response while, others are saying that Otile should take a step on Diamond and his team for copying his song.

Anyway between Otile and Diamond’s producer, wwhodo you think copied from another one!?


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