Drama In Bungoma As A Man Digs His Own Grave, Over 15, 000 Debt


Residents of Namakhele village, North Bukusu location, Kabuchai constituency, Bungoma County have been treated to midday drama after a 46-year-old man dug his own grave allegedly ready to commit suicide to avoid paying a Ksh 15, 000 debt.

As it has been reported by mpasho, Martin Juma who is jobless said he owes several people in his locality who were constantly pestering him to pay up.

He said he found no reason to continue living hence his decision to prepare his grave then end his life.

Area chief Bonface Ndiera who rushed to the home on receiving information said he was astonished by this act.

 “It is rare and an abomination for a normal person to dig his own grave,” he said.

 Ndiera said it was worrying that bizarre incidents are on the rise in his area asking pastors to intervene and pray for the area residents’ deliverance.

Juma’s wife, Christine confirmed the said debt which she noted her husband is unable to settle as he has no job.

Kizito Lukorito, an elder, said that according to the Luhya customs when a person is found digging his own grave he should be severely beaten and a black sheep slaughtered to cleanse bad spirits before a banana trunk is buried in the grave.


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