Who Is The Psycho? Vera Sidika And Brown Mauzo’s Baby Momma At Each Other’s Throats


Socialite Vera sidika and Brown Mauzo’s baby momma are at each other’s throats. posting on her Instagram stories,Vera said that Brown mauzo baby mama had been disturbing her ever since she got engaged to Mauzo.

According to Vera, the baby momma has been throwing insults at her calling her names and even calling her beauty parlor and hurling insults to her PA. Things got even worse when she announced she is pregnant and the baby mama kept threatening her calling her a whore.

The lady that uses her daughter’s page to pass her messages and the last time she posted saying Vera looks like a good woman and she is wishing her all the best, apparently this is only in the public eye but during her private chats she went on to insult her all the time and Mauzo had to come to her rescue and managed to silence her for a while, but she is not giving up on this one.

According to Vera, the lady is too dramatic and she has 3 children with different men. She has been married 3 times with older men who were from 50 to 60 years old and all her marriages have ended although she keeps disturbing Brown Mauzo even though they have been apart for almost 2 years and they have just one child together known as Larissa, but the relationships didn’ t even last.

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