What You Study For Shouldn’t Limit You, Meet Timothy, An Agriculture Degree Holder But Venturing In Electronics Business


Kindly walk us through your background. Basically, who you are and what you are doing currently, your age (if you don’t mind), the name of your business and your role in it?

I am Timothy and my business name is Changa Electronics & Phone Repair Centre. I’m the manager of the shop and also work as the phone repair technician.


Kakamega Phone Repairs

Where is your business located given that it has a physical location?

My business is located in kakamega Town CBD, Canon Awori Street.


What motivated you to start your business and not any other venture?

I would say, life itself put me there. After I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture, I was unable to find any job after regular attempts to get one. I figured I would do something with my Physics and so I hanged around phone repair shops in town and that helped me get more experience and skills on how to handle my business and too customer service. Afterwards, from the little savings I came up with my own shop.


Along the value chain, what are some of the key challenges that your business is facing and how are you tackling them?

Some challenges include expensive software boxes that support latest phones OS in unbricking and flashing, violent clients who lead to misunderstandings, burglary cases where sometimes thieves break in to the shop and lastly high rent rates at the CBD.

In of tackling challenges, honesty at work has been a major thing as it keeps our clients trust in check. In case a customer’s phone is tampered with beyond repair with our staff, we buy them new ones. We learnt local languages to our best to help us reduce language barrier since we serve different ages and types of clients. Continuous research and consultations improve our skills enabling us to be more equipped. On financing my business, sometimes we seek funds from available institutions whenever needed


What’s your expansion strategy, like what’s your plan on going big?

I am working hard on buying advanced repair tools to enhance the repair process as this will help me serve more clients because I wouldn’t love a client visiting my shop and get out unserved. I also source more spares from wholesalers and stocking to reduce on time wastage.

To get clients, we do advertisement of our work through social media platforms and networking.

Kakamega Phone Repairs


How do you finance your business and which advice can you give those wishing to join the entrepreneurship/investment train?

Basically, profits give me most of the funding through the skills I apply at work.

My advice to any person interested in starting a business is him/her to keep the focus and trust themselves that anyone can do their compassionate and archive their goals.


Do you have a website and social media handles that consumers and other interested parties can reach you on? Could you also share sample pics of your business? Kindly share the links if possible.

Facebook Page: Kakamega Phone Repairs
Tel: 0790 901 424
Email: tmoouluma@gmail.com


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