Fans Curious As The Following African Artists Are About To Release Their Albums


More smiles as the following East African artists are about to  release new album as one significant way of increasing their fan base. Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, more artists have released their albums since last year when the pandemic hit the world.

Starting with Tanzanian artists’, it’s clear that some of them have already worked on their albums and they are about to release them. Looking at Diamond’s one month stay at South Africa is almost due to end. And with that it’s a clear fact that the album launch is also near. As many know him it will be smiles all the way through his album.

The Wasafi artist, Lavalava has also previously hinted out to his fans if indeed they are ready for his album. As last month April was coming to an end, through his Instagram account, his question to the fans was, ‘Are you guys ready for my first album launch`

Dogo Janja is also set to surprise his fans with a new album which he is yet to release.

And rounding up all from Tanzania, Harmonize’s artist Ibraah is as well expected to release his first album after much preparation since Harmonize also took him along to Nigeria for his projects.

Looking at the Kenyan side, Bahati is also expected to release his album despite the tough times. Through his Instagram posts it’s evident that the artist has something big for his fans. There you openly have it, which of the above artist’s album would you enjoy fully?

By Derrick


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