Meet The Beauty And Brains Behind Vivi’s Collection, “Start Small And You’ll Grow Big”

Sophia Vivian

I’ll call her Vivi, she is a focused business lady in some parts of Kakamega. Here’s what she had to say in an interview with JiL Africa,

Kindly walk us through your background. Basically, who you are and what you are doing currently, your age (if you don’t mind), the name of your business and your role in it?

My name is Sophia Vivian Atitwa. I am an entrepreneur. I run several businesses. I major in Bank Agencies like Mpesa and KCB Mtaani. I also sell hair and beauty products in both wholesale and retail.

I am 28 years old. I’m also the owner and the manager of all my businesses.

Vivi's Collection

Where is your business located given that it has a physical location?

The name of my business is Vivian’s Beauty Parlor located in Harambee Town, along Mumias – Bungoma Road.  We do deliveries countywide and nearby countries like Uganda and Tanzania.


What motivated you to start your business and not any other venture?

Before venturing into business, I was working in Nairobi hospital as a receptionist. When I’d visit home back at Harambee, I noticed a business gap. The agency services were very scarce and I couldn’t get some of the beauty products I was in need of. That’s how the idea came in and felt the need to invest back home.

I took a leap of faith and decided to bring what is in the city to my home. At first, I was scared because I couldn’t know if my village people would buy my idea and the services I was offering.

I felt the need to grow my home town other than any other place. This was the only way I thought of giving back to my community.


Along the value chain, what are some of the key challenges that your business is facing and how are you tackling them?

Like any other business, my business too has faced various challenges. For instance, in agency banking fraud is very popular. At one time, one of my employees was conned some amount which was a big loss to my business. I faced a major setback but that didn’t stop me from achieving my dreams.

Thanks to my banks as I was able to get a loan and I moved on. I later learned the importance of insuring my business against fraud as one gets some compensation in case such incidents happen.

Another challenge is seasons especially here in Western. You’ll realize during planting seasons sales go down drastically. This pushed me to getting a larger market and that’s how the idea of getting an online shop came in.


What’s your expansion strategy, like what’s your plan on going big?

In the near future I wish to have branches of my business in all the major cities. My dream is to create as many as possible job opportunities to many youths out here who are trying to make a living.

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I also have plans of coming up with my own company which will be processing staff such as shampoo, shower gels and soap both powder and liquid in form.

For that reason, I keep on saving and investing more as I expand my social networks as this leads to a large market and I believe through all these, I will be able to grow big.


Did you start your business with a Business Plan? How is it affecting your business operations?

Yeah, I started my business with a business plan which is very essential to anyone who is interested in putting up businesses. A business plan will guide you on how to go strategically and managing finances.

In business you first have to know and understand your customers’ needs and wants. I believe in starting small. Get to know your customers and familiarize with exactly what they want and grow according to their needs. Good customer relationship is the very key to success. It’s through recommendations that our businesses get to grow and the number of customers increase.

How do you finance your business and which advice can you give those wishing to join the entrepreneurship/investment train?

As I earlier stated start small in your business. Start with whatever little capital you have. It could be from your savings or support from your family and friends.

Never start a business on a loan unless you are sure of how you’ll be able to repay it back with or without the business. After your business is stable and you have enough customers then you can get a loan to boost the already ongoing business.

Always put God first in everything you do. Do genuine business, be faithful to your customers, be good to the customers since they are your boss and you’ll grow.  God has been Faithful. Those that saw me start from scratch can testify that.


Do you have a website and social media handles that consumers and other interested parties can reach you on? What else do you venture in? Could you also share sample pics of your business? Kindly share the links if possible.

I sell Olivia hair which includes braids, weaves, crotches etc. Hair wigs both human and semi human. Shoes which include heels, sandals, rubber shoes, sneakers, wedges boots etc.  Handbags, clothes, jewelry, designer perfumes etc

Call; +254 715 248128
WhatsApp; +254 715 248128
Facebook Page; Vivi’s beauty world

Vivi's beauty world Vivi's beauty world Vivi's beauty world Vivi's beauty world


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