“Stella Alikula Fare,” Kenyans Hilariously Recall As Stella Jets Back From Japan



For the last 27 years, Kenyans have always walked down the memory lane to the song story of ‘Stella’ a lady who disappointed her lover who made lots of sacrifices to take her abroad for her studies.

The Stella story always trends every 17th May because its the Anniversary of Stella’s homecoming that did not go so well for the lover.

According to the song, Stella jetted back to the country 27 years ago with a Japanese lover and a carring a child when Freshly Mwamburi went to pick her from the JKIA.

Freshly Mwamburi sponsored Stella to go and study abroad after selling land and cows only for her to go and hook up with a Japanese national who was very short.

Here are some reactions from Kenyans on twitter;
Linda Koskey: The first Kenyan whose fare was eaten, Freshly Mwamburi sold his land and car so that Stella would get a good education. It ended in premium tears. Stella returns today.

Gerald Ngao : Lakini si Freshly Mwamburi aliona siku refu. Anyway Boychild usilipie any girl School fees with an intention to marry her.

Rodgers Kipembe: I join fellow men in remembering the unfortunate events of 17th May 1992, where a dedicated boychild – Freshly Mwamburi was replaced by ‘Mchumba Mfupi, futi nne Mjapani’.

Stella, should reimburse that gent for the suffering he went through. Mzee Kibor Patron

Freshly Mwamburi was our first ever victim of women eating fare. His wasn’t just for matatu, Uber,bike or bus but fare ya ndege after selling his property to take Stella for studies abroad. Men beware of this gender, they will eat you till broke and move on. A good song it’s.

Wangari Anita:
Men don’t ever pay fees,bills or flights for a girl expecting love in return…
Story ya stella be a lesson learnt well…. Freshly mwamburi

By Teenie


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