Calling It A Quit After Two Hours in A Relationship


Maybe it’s the cold feet of venturing into something new or you fear that the decision might lead you in settling for someone you are not satisfies with. I may never get to know the exact answer but I wish on heavens that one day her heart will be at ease to explain this.

Happy place

I have a happy space for her in my heart. It is not a space that I accommodate all people from different walks of life but only the special people in my life. If you get there, it can be a comfort zone that gives you comfort at all moments and a smile that begs no explanation from the witnesses around you. Since I rarely trust people; reckoning at how even my own shadow disappears at my darkest moments, I always create a space for someone to feel at home with my soul. however, I do not accommodate someone who feels the uncertainty in occupying that space.

However much I might make this place look calm, comforting, soothing and loving; I can’t guarantee a space that comes at my own peril. Skim milk masquerades as cream and neither do I do that to lure people to my direction. I keep it real with my life and I never fake a dime. I am the mine. Such an attitude may set one to think about the uncertainties and worries that may come when they are on a journey with me but as driver; you have to trust me.

Uncertain or Worried



We can say uncertainty is a feeling of worry but that’s lame. There is a thick line that draws the difference between someone who is uncertain and someone who is worried.  if someone is uncertain about you; they cannot depend on you in a case where they have decided on you.  This is often as a result of doubting what will happen in the future, often in a way that is bad. Uncertainty draws skepticism and hesitancy because of the seed of doubt that it implants into someone.

A worry is anxiety or trouble about potential problems. This is the easiest way of depriving yourself happiness. You often find yourself unhappy because you are thinking about problems or unpleasant things that might happen. It ranges from being afraid, scared, frightened, terrified and petrified. the problem with worries is that they pump negative energy into your mental faculties. It gives an impression of fear and scary scenarios. You find yourself thinking about all the bad things that can happen and not the good things that are already happening.

This is the nature of the difference between uncertain and worried. However hard we might want to use the two to explain our states of feelings, they bring out different meanings based on the context in which they are used. If someone is uncertain with you, then they are worried that hautoshi mboga. If someone is worried, that is a worry that can fade away once the negative energy is expelled from the mind and one attains normality in their thinking. If you are uncertain about me, I would advise you to remain skeptical and keep off my space since I don’t have a place for a Thomas in my ministry.


Today mental health is a case of concern in our world. If I had to pinpoint a minor cause to this, overthinking would top my list. if I were sitting a mental health examination and I had a question on some of the causes of anxiety and depression; my immediate guess would be overthinking. I am not in medical class but I live in a world where our thoughts alter reality every day. If you think too much about something, we agree that often you will have your stress levels high and a clouded judgement. Do you wish that upon yourself? I am not the kind to take pride in overthinking since I rarely engage in such shallow thinking that strips you off your power to make decisions.


To overcome all these, the stories that you tell yourself can change your perspective and thoughts. We are the stories that we tell ourselves and not the stories that other people tell you. They are on their own paths and if you choose that, it will be at your peril. The stories that you tell yourself identify you and your underlying set of beliefs. So does the story you tell yourself hold you back or does it empower you?

Have a nice time.

Your Creative Writer,
Calpas The Music Don


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