Rapper Juliani Describes How Bob Collymore Refused To See Him On His Death Bed


Kenyan rapper Juliani has uncovered how he felt after the late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore refused to see him at his passing bed. operanews1631862335650

In a meeting with the Standard, Juliani says he was unable to comprehend why Collymore would decline to see him yet they were Bff’s.

“Weeks before he died Wambui called me and revealed to me he was not going to make it. I got distraught and went to his place needing to appeal to God for him however he rejected for me to see him.

In spite of not seeing Collymore, Juliani counts himself fortunate to have invested energy with him half a month prior to his death.

“I plunked down in his lounge and was discussing a venture (Takabank), he went into the rec center room and accompanied a whiteboard and made the arrangement himself.

We sat for like 5 hours, investing energy inside the house and around the pool region. He was delicate and battling however he didn’t need us to see it.

That weekend I considered him to be as it was likewise Wambui’s birthday. I didn’t figure it would be the last time I saw him.”

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