Irungu Kang’ata Reacts After Moses Kuria Withdraws From Kiambaa By Election

Irungu Kang'ata

Muran’ga Senator, Hon. Irungu Kan’gata has reacted on Kuria’s post that announced the move by people’s empowerment party move to withdraw from the Kiambaa constituency parliamentary by-elections.

PEP and UDA had both presented a candidate for the Kiambaa by election and judging that both parties are in the Hustler nation, one candidate had to step down. The seat was left vacant following the death of the late Paul Koinange.

Irungu and Kuria have been on each other’s side, campaigning left right and center in the by election in Juja.

The former majority whip has lauded Kuria’s move to withdraw from the Kiambaa race and has stated that with the win he has secured so far, he is likely to become Ruto’s deputy in 2022.

“Moses Kuria,a master strategist,is a ranking member of Tanga Tanga, his two wins in Juja and Gaturi, he has eclipsed pretenders to DP throne in hustler nation,atleast from my own perspective.Happy that he has agreed to look at the wider picture in Kiambaa.” Kan’gata tweeted.

All eyes are on Ruto to choose his running mate. Of course the TangaTanga has to choose a member that will bring in votes, someone popular and convincing. Mwangi Kiunjuri is currently being viewed as the potential politician to deputise Ruto, but Kutia ain’t so bad either, right?

Ruto on his side has never spoken on this but his running mate will likely come from the Mount Kenya region.

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