Meet Juja Celebritiy Who Makes Millions From Farming


Chege Kariuki took very many netizens by surprise when he revealed the surprising news of the amount of money he makes monthly from his vegetables farm in Juja. He was today interviewed by the popular Youtuber Eve Mungai who spent a whole day with him on the not so large farm, before proceeding to the market to sell his own green leafy produce.

Chege Kariuki is an aspiring Member of Parliament for the famous Juja Constituency and he hopes to clinch the seat in the coming by- elections following the untimely death of their former MP.


In his farm he grows ‘ Mboga Kienyeji’ and other green leafy vegetables on large scale having invested heavily in high tech machinery to ensure that his farm is highly productive throughout the entire year.

After revealing that on a very good month he makes around one Million Kenya Shillings, many netizens could not keep calm as they flocked the whole comment section to applaud his great efforts while others were saying it  was a scam and would not believe the man.

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This is what they had to say.
Phyll Ndigi: Humble yourself before The good God. and for sure you will never  fall at all in your life.
Director Trevor; Big up Mr. Mwesh Chege Kariuki  kura yote ni yako.
Jacob Musembi: One thing I like about Kariuki is his cleanliness. Heart and ever- smiling at all. keep it up bro hope you win the incoming by elections.

Samuel Njoroge wah congrats buda hard work enyewe it pays alot of cash! !
Renee Kay Good job. . I hope he gets elected for the seat.
Francis Wanderi This guy is a very hardworking and confident manze. Napendaa. Ako sawa kabisa. You are going far Karis next MP of Juja.

By Oscar Osoi


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