Martha Karua Congratulates The TangaTanga Brigade, See What She Advised Them To Do

Martha Karua

Yesterday 5th April, the Tangatanga faction allied to Dp Ruto addressed the media, advising President Uhuru Kenyatta on how to use the 255 billion Kenyan shillings loan, granted by International Monetary Fund(IMF) The group argued that the money should be used appropriately in combating Covid-19, as well as giving Kenyans subsidies.

And now NARC Kenyan party leader Martha Karua, has lauded the efforts of the Tangatanga group, led by Susan Kihika to advise the President on how loans should be used prudently.

Karua said that the Mps raised their voices as lawmakers and encouraged them to table the proposals they have in Parliament. She tweeted,

@susankihika @JohnKiarieKJ & colleagues well done for raising your voices as legislators and proposing alternative ways of resource utilization. We encourage you to table these proposals inside the chambers #AwakeningParliamentKe

This happens as Kenyans continue camping International Monetary Fund’s facebook page, pleading with them not to loan Kenya ever again.

Some allies of Dp Ruto, also called out on lending institutions not to give loans to Kenyan government without proper utilization plans.As per the reports, Kenyan total debt stands at 7.2 trillion Kenyan shillings.

The petition being signed by Kenyans against the loan is now at 75000 signatures.

By Teenie


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