Video: Man Rescued From Angry Mob By The Police After Attempting To Rape A Student


Disturbing photographs and videos of a man being beaten by the mob and being luckily saved by the police that arrive just in the nick of time when they want to burn him alive are currently doing rounds on social media.

The culprit is alleged to have offered a lift to two students,one of the two ladies alighted at St Paul whereas the other one was left to proceed and get dropped off at a nearby secondary school to no avail.

The suspect then drove off into the thick bushes and allegedly continuously sexually assaulted the victim .It is alleged that the suspect then threatened to murder the student and forced her back into his car then he drove along Limuru -Kiambu road.

At Eden tea plantations the victim saw people picking tea and took the chance to scream and alert them of the danger she was in.

She allegedly grabbed the steering wheel catching the suspect by surprise and driving them off the road into the ditches

The tea pickers from Eden tea and Kiawaroga noticed the incident and immediately started screaming which led the evil man into the hands of the angry mob that descended mercilessly on him before the police arrived whisking him off to safety.

Onlookers claim that his car was filled with bones of unknown origin,needles of different sizes,and other chilling tools of all kinds.

The student is receiving treatment at a nearby hospital.

By Shelagh Benson


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