Let Me Know Episode 3; Surviving Rape


Hey loves. Let’s get right into our next episode of LET ME KNOW.

Hey. I read your stories and decided to tell mine to help the many ladies out there that do not have a voice to speak up against rape.

This happened to me a few years back during one of the NYE events. You know how excited people get when the year is about to turn and I do too, or atleast used to. I was attending with my brother and a couple of friends of ours. We went there by two cars, arrived at around 9 and you know we were just chilling having some drinks when a fight broke out right in front of us, just two drunk guys who got on each other’s nerves. My brother stood up as the ‘man he is’ and went to break it up when one of them broke a bottle aiming to cut the other one. He pushed the one with the bottle aside, took it from him and shoved it in a bin. He separated the two and they each left for their business.

After that things were pretty much chilled until my brother suggested we go see some musician that was performing that night, I’ve forgotten his name. So, I told them to go ahead I’d just sit by the table and wait for them. That’s something that I live to regret to date. When they left that is when things got rough. One of the two guys that were fighting came back and started harassing me. He was getting on my nerves so I got up and left. I went behind a tent that did not have a lot of people and took my phone out started chatting. Remember it’s now almost 11 and most of the people were excited and were moving closer to the stage so there were not many people on the side I was on.

The guy actually did follow me and I had not noticed until he grabbed my phone and covered my mouth and did the most horrid thing, he started reaping my clothes off and before I knew it he was in. The loud music made it difficult for my screams to be heard. He kept cursing at my brother for making him feel less of a man after breaking their fight and I just wanted it to be over. I wanted him to leave me alone. He was way stronger than me and for those that ask how people get raped can’t they just fight; I pray you never get to experience something like that.

Immediately I got the chance to slip away I ran and I lost my phone during the tussle. Most people were drunk by now and I couldn’t find my brother. With half reaped clothes I walked to the main road, my mind racing and got to the furthest I could and hitched a ride home with a lady that saw me by the road and stopped out of concern. In the car I barely looked at her and the only words I said to her were the directions to my place and ” Thank you ” after she dropped me off. That was the longest shower I’ve had to take my whole life and it almost felt like a dream. I never thought something like that would happen to me.


My brother and our friends got home an hour later worried sick after being unable to reach me on the phone. Of course, he asked what happened and I just told him I got robbed and I was shaken so I left the event because how do you tell your brother that you were assaulted just meters from where he was.

At times I cannot lie I hated him for breaking that fight that day and myself for not sticking with them but with time I came to learn that it was not his fault and neither was it mine. Shit happens. It was not until a few months ago that I told him what actually happened and you can imagine his reaction.

Rape is not a cold that comes and goes no it stays on your mind for the longest time. It is only you that can determine what it does to you. Although I haven’t forgotten the ordeal completely, I have managed to get the fear out of my head. Reporting the issue is the first thing you should do and seeking therapy should be on your healing list as well. It is not something to be ashamed of, it’s not your fault. Stay safe out there.

By Mwiritsa
Email- gacherimwiritsa@gmail.com                                      #Pheonarrations


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