Transformation leadership entails raising the awareness of subordinates about higher thought through verbalization and role demonstrating.


Challenges that may face transformation leadership include;

1; Influence can backfire

Transformation leaders are good at motivating and changing what people believe in. Although this can be achieved in achieving the aims quickly with minimum objections, this can negatively impact if the leader is wicked.

2; Can cause wrong decisions

Since transformation leaders stimulate and make people agree to their plans and acts of the government, with power and confidence given to leaders, there can be cases where leaders can make insensitive decisions out of feelings, which can significantly affect people.

3; Assumption of motivation

Transformation leaders always think people will agree with their ideas at all times and become motivated. This becomes a hindrance since there will be changes in which changes should occur.

4; Challenges in details

Although transformational leadership representative has advantages live having a vision and plans, detractors say that these can leave details out of the image, which can negatively impact the group.

5; Overlooking reality

Transformation leaders have an effective way to give information better to their followers. However, it can be a reason for them to ignore what the actual problems are and the fact.

6; Prioritization

When it comes to encouraging group members, transformation leaders have the habit of coaching and mentoring only a selected group. This will be problematic since not all needs of the group are met since a selected group benefits.

7; Unidirectional influence

How to make positive social changes for emergency response leadership.

1; Examine and observe hazards

2; Classify and measure risk and exposure

3; Provide community education information

4; Perform training, exercise, testing

5; Perform disaster planning

6; Measure and check response capability

7; Give response counseling

Author: Shadrack Wandera


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