Has Kenya Medical Training College(KMTC) Lost It’s Glory?


Before, when word would reach the village you have got a calling letter to Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC), you could be feared, called a doctor already, with no portfolio of course but still, a doctor you were. These days, every one joins KMTC, the courses are flooded, moreso nursing. Below are some of the reasons why I presume Kenya Medical College has lost it’s glory.

1. Too many students, less lecturers

Talking of Bomet Campus, Medical Engineering department. This course was introduced in March, 2019. Upto now, the campus has close to 180 students with only 3 lecturers.

2. Corruption

Total number of KMTC campuses is 71, most people at the top chain are benefiting from selling calling letters. Students who don’t meet qualification get chances and those who meet are left out wondering where else they would go.

3. The institution has turned out to be a profit makingĀ organization

Corona happened we all know, right? But how can a semester be reduced to 6 weeks? Most students couldn’t attend online classes and were online classes really there? Furthermore, students are expected to pay the whole college fees. Isn’t that injustice? Moreso, if you haven’t paid fees, you can’t do exams. What will happen to those students who haven’t paid with the delay of HELB disbursement?

4. Tribalism

With atleast every county, constituency having a KMTC campus, tribalism has increased. How? Students politics, I’ll use Bomet Campus as an example. Talking of students politics, it’s hard to find a student from another county being elected as a chairman. Elections are being held this week, I’m certain the student who will emerge the winner will be from the local tribe, Kalenjin.

I’m riddling myself, what would KMTC do to return to it’s glory days?

By Sammy Wanjala


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