General Tuju Clarifies Jubilee Party’s Stand Concerning The Impeachment Of Dp Ruto


Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju has finally broken his silence on the alleged impeachment of the Deputy President William Ruto, the Standard reports.

The Secretary General is said to have distanced the ruling party from claims of it being part of the impeachment plot that seeks to kick-out DP Ruto from office.

He said Jubilee Party leadership has never sat to discuss or suggest the ouster of the DP from office.

According to the SG, the alleged impeachment is nothing more of mere speculations being fronted by those with wishful thinking of seeing the DP ousted.

The plot was first made public ANC Deputy Party Leader Ayub Savula, who dared to initiate the process that will see the DP kicked out of office over corruption and disrespecting the president

Rumours has it that there was a Motion to kick the Dp out. And that 126 signatures had been collected to kick him out.But those were just speculations, It has never been discussed within the jubilee party”If there was such a discussion it would have been communicated to all members,” said Tuju.

It has now been made clear that the 126 signatures are those that were used to kick out Garrissa Mp Aden Duale as the leader of the majority in Parliament.

However, a deputy president can be impeached on several grounds which include gross violation of the Constitution and national and international law and gross misconduct

By Teenie


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