Have They Broken Up? Corazon Cryptic Message Hints On A Possible Break Up


Has Frankie Kiarie and Corazon kwamboka broken up? Let’s see,

I am sure just like me, you don’t want to believe it. So Corazon shared a rather ‘disturbing’ quote on social media that made her followers wonder if all is well between the two. One, they have unfollowed each other on Instagram but don’t worry, their photos together are still there.

Frankie and socialite Corazon Kwamboka have been making headlines lately and this happened after they announced their second pregnancy. People actually wondered how they made that decision yet their first child was just ten months. Just the same week, Frankie took Corazon to Zanzibar and proposed to her as the love of her life.


Today, Corazon has left sensitive posts on her Instagram page that could clearly hint things are not so well for her and Frankie. She said that in her lifetime, she always makes herself so much comfortable to an extend that even if someone tries to heartbreak her he won’t make it. Corazon said that at the moment she is in a sad state and all she feels is loneliness.

She went ahead and said that she misses those days when she could genuinely smile and enjoy life. The young lady has not yet opened up if she is directing those messages to Frankie. We are waiting for her to address the matter anytime soon.


How comes that these two are suddenly having issues?

I think the two are just chasing some Kiki, what do you think?. Anyway if they really actually break up yours truly will be on top of things just to give you the juice, Soo be kind enough to follow us



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