For many years now hair has been one of the key standards of beauty. With emergence of so many different hairstyles over the years and debates on which hair is “more beautiful” Growing up as an African child I always wondered why my hair was different from other girls of different racial decent.

“Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through.”


Many times, my mum would say that, my hair is different and different is beautiful. Ashamed of my hair I disagreed with the ‘supposed’ analogy, because if different is beautiful then why is different      painful? Why is different tiresome? Why is different expensive?

Why is different unwanted? why is different unloved? Why is different unappreciated? I wished I didn’t have different, because different was not beautiful to me and that’s what society says. Every African lady can relate to the sleepless, painful night after they get their hair done.


Or the uneventful wash hair days, or the painful and long detangling hairdo, or the scary swim days and beach visits where water and sand was a total No No on their natural hair, or the expensive hair products shopping or moments she was sprawled on her bed reading articles on hair do’s and don’ts ,watch videos on ‘how to grow African hair in unbelievable time period, products to get your African hair to ”look  beautiful.”…but isn’t black hair beautiful? Isn’t different beautiful?

Most would ask. For the years I’ve now spent loving and caring for my hair and observing many black women rocking their natural hair made me realize how magical black girl hair is.  YES! Of course, black girl hair is beautiful, it’s not a problem that needs fixing, its enchanting, it’s magnificent, it’s versatile, it’s a masterpiece and it’s out of this world. So, giiiiiiiiirl if that isn’t beautiful then I dunno what is.

Dear black girl, it’s time to stop trying so hard to fix our hair yet society’s view of beauty is what is broken.

Your hair is your crown and your crown is magic. so wear your crown with confidence.

By Frida Mutheu­­­­­­.


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