President Uhuru Is playing Raila Odinga, A Political Analyst Alleges

Uhuru Raila

President Uhuru Kenyatta and the ODM party leader Raila Odinga have been enjoying massive working relationship since the 2018 Handshake.

It’s in this handshake that the two leaders came up with the force behind the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) a constitutional change. This not only deteroriated the relationship between Uhuru and his deputy but also the Jubilee party as well.

With the introduction of the BBI, Uhuru and Ruto’s rift has since grown to a point the two leaders rarely meet.

On the other hand, Uhuru and Raila continue to enjoy a good relationship. On Monday, Raila was tasked with the role of welcoming Burundian President a role that is supposed to be given to Ruto.

However, according to political analyst Martin Andati, the current politics are only but just Uhuru’s political strategist and that Uhuru is playing Raila.

According to the Analyst, Uhuru is just managing Raila by keeping him close to allow his current projects and plans work well for him. Keep your enemies close right?

In addition, he is only fixed in cementing his legacy and thus using Raila.

Andati further stated that the delegated roles Raila is being assigned are purely for public relations. “It is a question of seeking to manage the guy, keep him busy as time goes. By the time they finish, we’ll be in September or October and the ODM leader will not be able to cause any trouble. Even if he wants to bolt out of the handshake, he will be so much damaged.”


By Teenie


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