“We Have The Numbers,” Amos Kimunya Threatens To Impeach Dp Ruto


National Assembly Majority leader Amos Kimunya has threatened to impeach Deputy President William Ruto if he does not get in line.

Speaking at a press conference after the BBI victory vote, Kimunya stated that the national assembly has enough numbers to send DP Ruto home if he continues disrespecting President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Those who have been promised wheelbarrows in future must read the mood. The ground is solidly behind the President,” Kimunya stated.

“We hope their leader has seen the light and will stop defying the President. If he continues with his defiance, these numbers give us confidence and we could escalate things to the next step (impeachment) we have the numbers,” Kimunya warned.

Kimunya argued that they only require 233 members to impeach DP Ruto and from the outcome of the BBI vote, impeachment is very possible. It will sail through if the motion is tabled on the floor.

Amos Kimunya was seconded by Minority leader Junet Mohammed who stated that numbers don’t lie taking a swipe at Tangatanga faction who have always bragged of having the numbers.

“We are merely being magnanimous. These numbers can lead to other things. They can make somebody lose his job as provided for in the constitution.

However, we are focusing on peacebuilding and wouldn’t want to try that route now,” Junet retorted.

DP Ruto has been facing a lot of threats from the allies of President Uhuru. His working relationship with the President has been non-existent after the handshake between the president and Raila

By Teenie


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