Mike Sonko Blasts Tanzanian Activist After Remarks About Kenyans


“Kenyans are not to be trusted” – Tanzanian ‘Activist’ claims

An enraged Mike Mbuvi Sonko, Former Governor of Nairobi, took to social media in a heated response to

Tanzanian controversial “Activist” Cyprian Musiba’s claims that the Kenyan citizens are not to be trusted.

Wakenya sio watu wazuri. Katika mataifa yote, wakenya sio waaminifu. Ukileta Mkenya RAHISI nyumbani mwako, ATAKUMALIZA”

A video of him went viral on Social Media stating this.

To this, Mike Sonko fired back ,

” Huyu mtu ni nani? Ni kumbavu Sana kwani anatuchukia sisi sote na asemi nani alimkosea.

Bure kabisaa “.

From his Twitter handle.

The controversial Independent Human Rights activist, born in Bunda District in Tanzania causes quite a stir in the Tanzanian Government on a daily basis and makes Politicians uneasy with his aggressive talk and the assurance that he gives Tanzanians that he has been ‘sent by the Government’.

The Tanzania Government has denied any claims of partnering with the ‘self-proclaimed’ Activist and threatens to arrest him if he further spreads ‘fake’ news to which Musiba replied that he is ready to be arrested.


Cyprian Musiba is the Chief News Editor at Sahara Media Group LTD.

His claims prove to be Ironical as a result of his profile that show him having enrolled for a Bachelor’s Degree at KENYA INSTITUTE&MASS COMMUNICATIONS (KIMC) in 2013.

By Atlee


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