3 Situations You HAVE To Lie To Your Woman

Woman gesturing while quarreling with her partner

Not surprisingly, both sexes rely on lying to some degree. They just do it differently sometimes for different reasons in different situations.

Everyone, especially women, say they want their partners to be honest. Is this true? Can you keep the relationship going and if you always tell the truth?

Imagine being able to bring your girlfriend home, to spend the night together for the first time. You have made a great effort to plan and clean your home and especially the bedroom. You take pride in this and ask your partner what he or she believes about your home. He replies, “It’s an old tradition… and it smells something here”. Ups! All right.

You both go through this unpleasant moment, and then you start kissing, but you make a joke about … the size of your penis, and then you hear the most used response: “hey, relax, size doesn’t matter”, telling you that her ex was really big.

Top… Not again. 🙂

If he had told just two small lies, everything would have been fine, but now…

The fact is, telling a few lies can be one of the best ways to keep your relationship healthy.

So if you want to keep her happy and keep up the good work, you will have to learn how to lie – and lie convincingly. The trick is to find out what you want to hear.

  1. Never talk about your sexual past… especially if it was good. If your girlfriend asks you how it was or how good your ex was, you can lie if you have to. It says that all of that would not be good. Never talk about him. Even if what you say does not praise you, it will still have a negative impact. You bring him clues that he is in your mind.
  2. When it comes to her appearance, if you choose her to be your partner, you should make her feel like a woman. Every woman has something beautiful, something attractive and attractive, and if you make her know that you find her attractive you will have a lot of confidence, madness and a lot of love. But if he asks you about something you really don’t like about his appearance, never but tell him your true opinion. Just say okay and pass a moment. If you tell him you don’t like something about him, he will feel frustrated and even more restricted.
  3. Everyone knows that women are more sensitive than men. So pay attention to her empathy and do not make jokes about other people (especially her family) or let her know when you are ready to take the cat and throw it out the window. You will find yourself indifferent and you will lose points. Use common sense and try not to hurt your feelings for women even if you have to lie a little at times.

After all, lying is a bad thing to do. But when it comes to women, you have no choice.

The little white lies don’t hurt anyone and are just meant to strengthen the guarantee on a regular basis

So it is good to tell someone what he or she wants to hear.

By Shadrack Wandera


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