Author: Mathew Makari.

Julius Muia
Julius Muia, the Treasury Principal Secretary

To ensure financial sustainability in universities, Hon. Julius Muia recommended that the varsity fees should be increased to Ksh.48,000 from Ksh.16,000 for the incoming students (2020/2021). However, he urged that government bursaries be increased to help cater for the needy students.

This comes after varsities are experiencing financial constrains in terms of; slowed expansion, insurance for employees, payrolls e.t.c. Decreased number of Self Sponsored Students (SFS) has been the main reason for financial constraints as government decreased the pass mark for direct entry to the universities from B (Plain) to a C+ (Plus). This has seen few students sponsoring themselves.

However, a country with concerned leaders care, mind and have the passion for education. Its a high time our government declares total free education, right from E.C.D up to the university level. Reasons are;

  1. If the money spent on some fishy and exaggerated projects where over Ksh.400 billions of money is used example the S.G.R Railway projects.
  2. The money to be spent on BBI around Ksh.14 billion is being used.
  3. Money lost in corruption scandals, money invested in invisible projects.

If the above funds can be recollected by the government, it is more than enough to cater for free education to our children. By increasing university fees, it is a clear sign of locking out the poor bright students of our country from achieving better education for the future given that they miss bursary allocation.



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