Another online war! Francis Atwoli and Martha Karua In A Heated Online Exchange Over This


National Rainbow Coalition party leader Martha Karua has engaged Central Organization Of Traders Union newly elected Secretary General Mr Francis Atwoli in an online confrontation.

This happened after Atwoli was Re-elected for the fifth term as the party’s secretary general.

Francis Atwoli re election will see him serve as the Secretary General for another 5 year term until 2025 where another election is held.

Francis Atwoli was re-elected in an exercise held by delegates at Tom Mboya Labour college, Kisumu.

Mr Atwoli has been at the helm of COTU- Kenya as the secretary general since 2001, after he took over from the late Joseph Mugalla, is the longest serving secretary general of this trade union. This will be his Atwoli’s fifth term.

On Twitter the always vibrant and charismatic general thanked all the workers in Kenya for reelecting him unopposed and promised to lead the union with much more dedication.

it’s then that Martha Karua felt that the Union should consider having term limits.

Atwoli did not seem pleased with Karua’s suggestion. He challenged her asking her for how long he’s been NARC’s party leader despite very little achievementsm

“How long have you been the party leader of Narc-Kenya?
I think members of Nark-K have trusted you with that mandate for more than ten years considering your ability to deliver.” He tweeted back.

Martha Karua defended herself saying she’s only served for 11 years and was actually on her way out of the leadership.

It’s then that Atwoli closed the confrontation by tweeting,

‘Good. Once you do that I might listen to you. Right now you don’t have the moral decency to advice me on term limits.”

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