David Murathe Speaks Of Ruto’s Impeachment


Jubilee Party Chairman David Murathe declared that there is a plan to remove Deputy President William Ruto from office.

Speaking on Thursday evening on KTN news, Murathe said an impeachment motion is “loading” and that soon there will be an “eviction party” at the second in command’s official residence in Karen, which he described as the “hustler mansion.”

“About the DP… the eviction party of the hustler mansion is loading. That one you can take to the bank. Very soon there will be an eviction from the hustler mansion in Karen and I can assure you it is loading,” said Murathe in the interview.

The Jubilee Chairman insisted that the party has enough numbers to push through an impeachment against DP Ruto.

“We have the numbers to impeach. These other guys always talk about numbers and sometimes we think they talk about phone numbers. Every time you have something in the House that wants to have numbers tallied they always lose. So you wonder what numbers they keep talking talking about,” he said.

During the interview Murathe claimed that United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party linked to DP Ruto was fraudulently created.

These guys went and paid officials of PDR party, took over and converted it to UDA,” said Murathe.

He further stated that the Jubilee party will be convening a National Management Committee meeting on Monday next week where disciplinary action will be taken against members who have decamped to UDA.

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