Fake! Police Rubbishes Denis Itumbi’s Alleged Assassination Attempt, Find Out Why


Well, last night, mind blowing details about Dennis Itumbi’s assassination attempt sparked online debates.

The blogger, who is also a close Ally to the deputy president dropped a statement at Kasarani Police Station stating that he was transiting from Red Spot Restaurant where he went to collect dinner. On his way back, unidentified people blocked his Mercedes Benze and with that, he tried to find ways and ride off as fast as possible for his safety.

As he was speeding off the Estate, he heard gunshots following his way. He also claimed that his car was hit by some bullets but he luckily escaped to thin air.

The police led by Kasarani Sub-county Police Commander, Peter Mwanzo have now slammed the claims and termed them as fake as there were no any traces of the alleged shooting.

He (Peter Mwanzo) has confirmed that neither used cartilages were recovered nor the locals heard any gunshots during the time that’s recorded in Dennis Itumbi’s statement.

With that, the police have warned Kenyans who are spreading fake information concerning the matter. Meanwhile, the police commander has already launched investigations to the incidence and further details will be announced.

Police’s statement

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Kwani pia bloggers we’re to chase clout? Nobody told me😂 anyway follow us for more news on JIL Africa


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